Saturday, November 5, 2011

wish u are here

hi fellas!!
how everybody doing so far
am doing pretty good just a bit busy here and they
but am happy with mylife

last week I've attended interview at mmc corporation berhad
quite ages I didn't interview for a new job
serious I felt damn nervous but I trying my best to
impressed ppl with my skills knowledge and experience

during the interview as usual the question can predictable
but the JD is quite interesting but too bad it's based on contract
errmm when I said I'm looking for a permanent job and others then that
sorry am not interested
salary there offer also not as what I expect that y I had to said no
to them

ok am lost my ideas and word already so I got to stop here
my mind at somewheres else!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'll be missing u -FB

hello fellaz...
first at all before I wrote more I just wanted that u guys the to know
that all of u the besr that I ever had !!!
thank you very much for accepting me for who I am!
this is real me and I hate to be fake caused being fake is not
bring me anywhere or everywhere

ok maybe most of you didn't know that am very talkative and so hyper
most of the day...
life is about up and down but I got no time to be wasted with unesscary things
I've been looking forward to improve myself in every angle!!
hey!! see I just been talking radiculos and being a bit dramas!!
this is not cool

for your information I just deactivated my FB account since yesterday
FB is one of my sweetheart social network but due to certain reason I made a decision
to do so!
don't ever said that I didn't miss all of u buddies!
this maybe u didn't know that I've been growth with my buddies and from them
I learn a lot bout what life is a
yeahhh! people always said life never fair but I do believe in faith!!!
not all what you want in life you will get it's
I prefer to let go certains things if by doing that will make others happy

twitter is my best buddy now after FB
twit twit...(#_#)...

since last year when I found out twitter..the moments I created this network I've asking myself why this network so damn funny...
but now when I became more expert and always conger the timeline I thinks this network
more suit with me!!!!
as you all know am very talkative and I do twit every single times!!
currently I got more then 170 followers on twitter with 30300++ twits!!!
can u imagine how often I twits a day!!!
for me twitter is the best place to be myself caused I do twits everything
I even said bye to phone call private text or even talking nowadays
caused twitter gave me most of what I want..
this make me live in my own league
sorry if am promoting myself again!
if u got this network try to catch me only at my tweethearts
most of my FB buddy is there

Hope to see u guys there
and I wanna off to dreamland fellaz!!
don't awake me caused I want to sleep till 4pm today!!
big hugs and much love
take care everyone

wake up call

hi everyone....
so sorry for didn't update any entry lately
I got no ideas what actually happen to me this few days
errmm I think there is something that owaz mess in my mind

lately I do watch a lot of reality series shows and yeahhh...I got to admit
that I've learn lot of things from it's !!

maybe I don't had an experience in certains things in life
but I do believe that we can learn from what happen to others
I been sharing a lot of stories with my buddies.....
we talk heart to heart in very serious issues!!!
in the middle of discussion I found out that I need to bare in mind positiveness is the key for anyone to succed in every single thing you do.....
the problem is when I go through what I had done I just realize that I don't do anything at all !!
time flyin very past and yet now is middle of oct 2011 and when I look at myself I felt very disappointed 

I know that I can't compare myself with anybody out there but.... better to put a benchmark in certain things in live!!!
this is my indicator or motivator that maybe really can push me to a certain level!!!
this year in year of 2011 I got to admit that make a lot of mistake in life!
I won't regret caused for me this is the valuable lesson that I need to improve and work on in future!!!

wish me luck fellaz!!

go to go now and remember that I owaz in your heart!!
much lobe

Monday, August 29, 2011

my fairytale fasting story 

hi fellaz!! how's everybody doin
I wish everything goes well with all of u especially during this fasting month
this year is my 7 years I've been fasting and to be honest with u guys it's very challenging during fasting! but I enjoy it's
i had to control my emotions and mind set like others!!

ok this year I spent a lot of my fasting month at office terchinta!! u know where my office rite 
I do admit I missed a lot of break fast with my beloved buddies....
 but I had to scarified since I decided to stayed
at office finished all my work!!
poyos nak mampus kan....

most of the time I stay alone at office and break fast with tapauing food from the nearest stall.....
luckily they sold ayam bakar tempoyak and a few of it's
is my favorite dishes!! seb baek khenn...
apa lagi tapauing jer lah all the foods and makan at office .....
after that going to gym to workout!
seriously very challenging and thanks to my gym buddy caused he help me a lot and been so patient entertain my attitude!! bila dah melantak cam gila apa lg .. then i became so lazy to workout k!!.....

ok am stuck here!! 
hahaha ... suddenly so blur and no ideas what to
wrote here!!! mencikk

let's we talked about baju raya !
I got 3 pieces of baju melayu but am gonna wear it's during first day of eid!!
errmmm I got pink purple terqoise and white pearl!!!
over khennnn!!

it's ok...I like all my baju melayu caused very suit with me and I feel so awesome and charming when I wear

it's !! takpe puji diri sendiri is budaya yg sihat!!!

a few day before eid festival my buddy gave kad raya!
seriously i so touched and wanna to scream caused very seldom people gave me kad raya.....
am celebrating Xmas and hari gawai for ur info....

u know what I didn't expect at all that i will received this kind of card and I felt so honored k!
thanks very much to my buddy....
u know who you are
deep in my heart I really appreciate it's

.... now I would like to make a raya wish!!!
I hate this part caused it's very hard for me to mention it's.....
all of u means a lot to me!!
ehem ehem...

I mekavin jambai and some of u call me Mac meka Kevin K
kobing mekcay would like to take this opportunity to wish every single of my buddies and friends SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI !!

am not sure either in future i can still keep in touch with every single of you since most of u had your own

no matter what I just wanted u guys to know that i feel so lucky surrounded with people like u guys where's I
can share anything and everything especially when I need a best acampinion ....

hopefully our friendships will lasting forever....
in case anything happen after this deep in my heart
always pray for ur happiness guys!!

if any of u guys miss me I pretty sure that u know where to find me....

I thinks I had to stop here and once again enjoice
urself during this beautiful eid festival !!
hugs and kisses

Sunday, August 21, 2011

..just wondering

hi fellaz!!
am here again hehehe
I know u some where out there
some where far away
I want u back!!!

phewwww!!! just talking to the moon fellaz
that what am doing when am quite boring or middle of something!
I love 
yes I had to make a conffession that I love singging
and most of u also love singging right!!
for me I sing to entertain myself especially when I found out the song was similar to my mood!!
SO KLMJ's kannn
ouch! don't worries KLMJ stand for KENANGAN LALU MENGUSIK JIWA !! hehehe I found this word at my tweetland!

doesn't matter what people said what people thinks about me caused I just a normal human being that full of
weaknesess !!

errmm just thinking to record a few of my favorite song later and publish at u tube!!
this is crazy right but it's ok caused I just sing for myself and hopefully people out there's will love it's!!

wish me luck fellaz! 
will update u guys when everything done

welcome back

hi fellaz...
sorry for didn't update new entry at my lovely blog
am been away and crazily bz with my own stuff...
but am pretty sure that there's must be a reason y am came back
hahahaha*gelak jahat*
actually am been damn lazy to update caused I got no ideas to update here since I twit 24/7!!
maybe some of u will said eleh twit twit punya citer lah!!
yes u r right but errmmm see I lost now!!

OMG! 
almost a year a been away and suddenly I push myself to
write something here!
there's a lot of things I wish I can share here but as a beginning let's I errmmm finish my entry here!!
wat suspen plak khenn!!

it's ok guys!! see u guys when I drop by here again
just wanted to said tengs for those meaningful in my life , my buddies ,my tweetland and fbland as well!!
u guys the best that I ever had
hugs and kisses to every single of u!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's very hard to say good bye

Hi peeps
Just wanted to express myself with this song
just for entertaiment but I do love it's very much
enjoy and sing along with me ya

Kerana terluka

beratnya rasa hatiku nak melangkah pergi
Tetapi apakan daya aku terpaksa
Buat Kali terakhir inginku mengucapkan
semoga dirimu berbahagia selalu
tentang diriku ini
terserah padamu tuhan menentukan
tak perlu bertanya kemana ku pergi
pandailah aku menjaga diriku ini
sekali ku melangkah oh biarlah ku teruskan
Perjalanan ini walaupun sendirian
hanya tuhan yang tahu duka lara hidupku ini
tak terkata aduhai sayang
ku masih lagi teringat
bicaraku yg terakhir
pedihnya menikam kalbu bisanya
selamat tinggal sygku
selamat tinggal kasihku
aku terpaksa pergi dahulu
kerana terluka hati ini
kiranya tempias membasahi jendelamu
Itulah airmata yg jatuh di pipiku
kiranya sang bayu menyentuhi paras wajahmu
oh itulah rinduku yg menyebut namamu
setelah sekian lama tak jumpa