Sunday, August 21, 2011

..just wondering

hi fellaz!!
am here again hehehe
I know u some where out there
some where far away
I want u back!!!

phewwww!!! just talking to the moon fellaz
that what am doing when am quite boring or middle of something!
I love 
yes I had to make a conffession that I love singging
and most of u also love singging right!!
for me I sing to entertain myself especially when I found out the song was similar to my mood!!
SO KLMJ's kannn
ouch! don't worries KLMJ stand for KENANGAN LALU MENGUSIK JIWA !! hehehe I found this word at my tweetland!

doesn't matter what people said what people thinks about me caused I just a normal human being that full of
weaknesess !!

errmm just thinking to record a few of my favorite song later and publish at u tube!!
this is crazy right but it's ok caused I just sing for myself and hopefully people out there's will love it's!!

wish me luck fellaz! 
will update u guys when everything done

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