Monday, August 29, 2011

my fairytale fasting story 

hi fellaz!! how's everybody doin
I wish everything goes well with all of u especially during this fasting month
this year is my 7 years I've been fasting and to be honest with u guys it's very challenging during fasting! but I enjoy it's
i had to control my emotions and mind set like others!!

ok this year I spent a lot of my fasting month at office terchinta!! u know where my office rite 
I do admit I missed a lot of break fast with my beloved buddies....
 but I had to scarified since I decided to stayed
at office finished all my work!!
poyos nak mampus kan....

most of the time I stay alone at office and break fast with tapauing food from the nearest stall.....
luckily they sold ayam bakar tempoyak and a few of it's
is my favorite dishes!! seb baek khenn...
apa lagi tapauing jer lah all the foods and makan at office .....
after that going to gym to workout!
seriously very challenging and thanks to my gym buddy caused he help me a lot and been so patient entertain my attitude!! bila dah melantak cam gila apa lg .. then i became so lazy to workout k!!.....

ok am stuck here!! 
hahaha ... suddenly so blur and no ideas what to
wrote here!!! mencikk

let's we talked about baju raya !
I got 3 pieces of baju melayu but am gonna wear it's during first day of eid!!
errmmm I got pink purple terqoise and white pearl!!!
over khennnn!!

it's ok...I like all my baju melayu caused very suit with me and I feel so awesome and charming when I wear

it's !! takpe puji diri sendiri is budaya yg sihat!!!

a few day before eid festival my buddy gave kad raya!
seriously i so touched and wanna to scream caused very seldom people gave me kad raya.....
am celebrating Xmas and hari gawai for ur info....

u know what I didn't expect at all that i will received this kind of card and I felt so honored k!
thanks very much to my buddy....
u know who you are
deep in my heart I really appreciate it's

.... now I would like to make a raya wish!!!
I hate this part caused it's very hard for me to mention it's.....
all of u means a lot to me!!
ehem ehem...

I mekavin jambai and some of u call me Mac meka Kevin K
kobing mekcay would like to take this opportunity to wish every single of my buddies and friends SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI !!

am not sure either in future i can still keep in touch with every single of you since most of u had your own

no matter what I just wanted u guys to know that i feel so lucky surrounded with people like u guys where's I
can share anything and everything especially when I need a best acampinion ....

hopefully our friendships will lasting forever....
in case anything happen after this deep in my heart
always pray for ur happiness guys!!

if any of u guys miss me I pretty sure that u know where to find me....

I thinks I had to stop here and once again enjoice
urself during this beautiful eid festival !!
hugs and kisses

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