Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'll be missing u -FB

hello fellaz...
first at all before I wrote more I just wanted that u guys the to know
that all of u the besr that I ever had !!!
thank you very much for accepting me for who I am!
this is real me and I hate to be fake caused being fake is not
bring me anywhere or everywhere

ok maybe most of you didn't know that am very talkative and so hyper
most of the day...
life is about up and down but I got no time to be wasted with unesscary things
I've been looking forward to improve myself in every angle!!
hey!! see I just been talking radiculos and being a bit dramas!!
this is not cool

for your information I just deactivated my FB account since yesterday
FB is one of my sweetheart social network but due to certain reason I made a decision
to do so!
don't ever said that I didn't miss all of u buddies!
this maybe u didn't know that I've been growth with my buddies and from them
I learn a lot bout what life is a
yeahhh! people always said life never fair but I do believe in faith!!!
not all what you want in life you will get it's
I prefer to let go certains things if by doing that will make others happy

twitter is my best buddy now after FB
twit twit...(#_#)...

since last year when I found out twitter..the moments I created this network I've asking myself why this network so damn funny...
but now when I became more expert and always conger the timeline I thinks this network
more suit with me!!!!
as you all know am very talkative and I do twit every single times!!
currently I got more then 170 followers on twitter with 30300++ twits!!!
can u imagine how often I twits a day!!!
for me twitter is the best place to be myself caused I do twits everything
I even said bye to phone call private text or even talking nowadays
caused twitter gave me most of what I want..
this make me live in my own league
sorry if am promoting myself again!
if u got this network try to catch me only at my tweethearts
most of my FB buddy is there

Hope to see u guys there
and I wanna off to dreamland fellaz!!
don't awake me caused I want to sleep till 4pm today!!
big hugs and much love
take care everyone

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