Sunday, October 16, 2011

wake up call

hi everyone....
so sorry for didn't update any entry lately
I got no ideas what actually happen to me this few days
errmm I think there is something that owaz mess in my mind

lately I do watch a lot of reality series shows and yeahhh...I got to admit
that I've learn lot of things from it's !!

maybe I don't had an experience in certains things in life
but I do believe that we can learn from what happen to others
I been sharing a lot of stories with my buddies.....
we talk heart to heart in very serious issues!!!
in the middle of discussion I found out that I need to bare in mind positiveness is the key for anyone to succed in every single thing you do.....
the problem is when I go through what I had done I just realize that I don't do anything at all !!
time flyin very past and yet now is middle of oct 2011 and when I look at myself I felt very disappointed 

I know that I can't compare myself with anybody out there but.... better to put a benchmark in certain things in live!!!
this is my indicator or motivator that maybe really can push me to a certain level!!!
this year in year of 2011 I got to admit that make a lot of mistake in life!
I won't regret caused for me this is the valuable lesson that I need to improve and work on in future!!!

wish me luck fellaz!!

go to go now and remember that I owaz in your heart!!
much lobe

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