Saturday, September 18, 2010

welcome 26th: rock ur body

on last 16 sept 2010 there was held a small gathering for me to celebrate my birthday!!!
it's was and awesome experience for me caused I'm being plan this event a year!!!
thanks a million for those who willing to come and spend ur nite with me!!!
I'm really appreciate that buddy!!!
then for those who had being wish my birthday wishes via fb text or sing a long with me!!!! Thanx guys u make me feel awesome !!!!
Actually I'm been expecting a few wishes from my buddy or friends but they didn't do so!!!
It's ok buddy maybe u guys not aware or been busy caused still in eid festival !!!
I'm not offended just thinking only!!!!
a nite at zouk club!!!! gosh after quite sometimes I've didn't go to club!!!! I'm feel so alive when get back to the dance floor!!!
last but not least thanks a million for a birthday gift, cake and sponsor during this particular day!!!
hope to see u guys again on next event!!!
love u all

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