Wednesday, September 22, 2010

suratan atau kebetulan

hye peep!!!!
arinih sampai awal kat opis so ckit sebanyak boring sbb still fever& cough
lately sgt merindui my buddy huhuhuuhu!!!! nak keep in touch cam segan plak sbb adalah!!??
but sometimes I'm thinking either tah lah no ideas what actually happen so tak mau buat any assumption or speculation on it's !!! let's time decide
btw I'm plan nak bergumbira this weekend but my cough still camtuh very hard for me to sing a song lah!!!!
tak mau lah postpone lg!!!
sebelum terlupa on last tue is my buddy bufday??!!
happy birthday and u are getting older one year from today onwards !!!! so sorry buddy sbb only can threat u kfc jer and so sorry I can't celebrate together caused I got stuff to do at office!!!
k lah peep I want to take my breakfast for a while and see u guys later!!! do take care

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