Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sweet time o' mine!!

Chapter 6

Hi peep!!! Today I just send a text to all my buddies that I think will make my 26th rebirth most happening party as I wish!!!! of course budget are limited but I'll try my best to make it's the most sweetest moments to remember!!!

my personal invitation!!!
smell of dance floor!!???
U'r VVIP's to mac'ious 26th rebirth on 16 September 2010 (Thursday)@ zouk Kl
please CONFIRM ur RSVP asap!!!
Let's get the party started on 10pm onwards
cheers peep!!!

almost a few hours I've created this phrase and thinking it's was the most spontaneous and coolest invitation!!!! so perasaan
Here are my list of VVIP'S !!!
1.bea zakri
2.shakila zakri
3.Jibam zakri
4.farhan zakri
5.mohd. Hamim
6.Alin rosland
7.lola lalita&partner
8. Farha zaidat& partner
9.jem Mickey
10.Shafiz sumari

so I wanted to see who will become my buddy ever that willing to spent valuable time with me during this particular rebirth!!!! for those who are not listed so sorry peep perhaps next time !!!! no offended yeah!!!
love all of u guys!!!

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