Saturday, October 23, 2010

confession no 1

this month I don't know why I'm been so out of blue moon in a few things!!!
start with fb stories!!!
am admit my fbland only for my buddy ONLY if any??

I'll intend to make my fb just for CLOSED FRIEND IF ANY!!??
yet peeps u know being deleted almost 60 of my friends from my fbland friendlist!!

some of them I meet them everyday at office chillaq or gym ??!!always next to me all the time!!!
I don't know what there felt when they noticed on this
matter ??!!for sure maybe a few or some of the them for sure will thinking ???! or maybe mad with me!!!
perasaan plak aku hehehe mcm Ada yg kesah plakkan

take a deep breath,before am plan to deleted this list......I'll been asking a few of my closed
friend !!??? do I need to...??!!
again,most of them advised me to thinks carefully if in that list friends!!!
so there asked me to thinking about friendship matter!!!

well....caused am too stubborn....i just simply thinks ...outside also we can be friends!!! that what I was thinking of that time!!?? bodo sombongkan
hehehe slow2 ckit sebut uolss

I've been deleted this list on 3rd oct around 9pm at cb
ampang point!!!!
on that time as usually .... am just click deleted and deleted till ..... when I'll view back my fbland

omagadd !!!!??? a lot of my fbland friend
been deleted caused reason not actives at all or not taking part on my wall!!! cam bagus plak aku uolss
my mind feel proud said that..... guys so sorry ....ur been deleted caused I'm not the best friends collector!!!
... wondering that am was so wellkwoned everybody like and know me??!!!

today was....25th October 2010.... suddenly after quite sometimes am thinking of this issued!!!honestly am admit been missing them so badly!!!! not all lah a few of it's
but serious I don't know what to do right know caused
if I were that failure.....I also gonna follow the flow!!!
sound like complicated and yeah dramas is part of life

I'm admit some of them used to be my....not to said
too closed but pretty cool accompany lah when am needed help!!!

but yet I don't know how to approach this
failures!!!??? maybe others said just let it be but I feel so guilty !!??
or maybe I'm paranoid of myself

I'm thinking of the reason and wanted to be honest
peeps!!caused I don't want to bullshit people
especially there are used to be my friends...
caused am very transparent person!!! ek??!! jujur katanya!!??

well... when it's come to solutions and conclusion ... I'll still try to approach them slowly !!!

pray the best for me peeps??!!

no matter what happen.....I got to accepted caused it's was fault !!! Am admit some of them I'll deleted caused
I felt not comfortable to get along with.....the best
things is that failure always give hand to help me when am needed!!!??

I felt so bad....but peeps things already happened !!

Like it or not there was a gap among us
annoying am kan ??!!

lately....some of my buddy asked me why this few failure not appear in my fbland!!!

serious am blur I would like to confessed and
admit to all my friend and buddy ... eerrmmm i been
deleted some of them peeps!!!

as a rewarded ... I felt so bad without u guys in my
fbland lately!!
am regret peeps.... maybe on that particular time I've
been ¥£€^%# and thinking a lot about what I feel!!!

some of u peeps!! had maybe misunderstood between us in certains things but I don't know why on this particular
things I can't give a bit tolorate to a few of u!!!

if any of u had a problem or maybe misunderstood with me
peeps... we are friends right ??!! the best things is seat and discussed

as owner of my own fbland...deepest in my heart do asked for forgiveness for what I've been sure some of u felt offended of this!!!

I know peeps!!!
some of people are quite hard to
accepted sorry and forgiveness ...

let's say if what i been done is too much for all of u ..... not much can I said here peeps....
so sorry peeps and if I can turn back timed I'll ensured
this will not happened!!!

last but not least....honestly peeps am missing some of u guys badly!!!

hope with my confession will make me felt better and we can be friends again peeps if u guys willing too...
to all my buddies friends followers and new friends I
love our friendship pees!!!
I feel so bad without some of you here
hugs and kisses to all

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