Saturday, October 23, 2010

my hearts love is chinta

hi peeps!!!
I don't know y....
I still not sleepy yet even now was 7am !!!
this just a info or moments that I think I wouldn't forget in my life!!!

on 1st oct 2010....
am been selected to my favorite actress hi tea... am adore she's since I'll was studied!!!
fasha sandha in the house !!!
yehaaa only god know what I felt when I just received text on this event!!!
serious am waiting for this moments such a long time!!!
when the time come.....I'll and others selected
fans are been invited to her open house at bora ombak ampang !!!
the theme was red and white and as usual I'm owaz in theme with my lovely cap!!!
the moments I entered the dinning hall I just thinking it's must a normal dinner for us!!!
but I'm wrong and she's treat 10 of us as a lucky fan well!!!
said hi and she's wanted us to enjoyed that evening!!!
I'm as usual take this opportunity to take a few memories photo caused I don't know when we can meet
each others again!!!

honestly I was so enjoy during that time and thanks a million to fasha sandha and family not to forget fasha sandha team as well!!!
thanks for the sweet moments

twit twit!!!!
I been shocked of tweeter lately!!!
so addicted and when I was at my tweetland with my

sweetheart I feel so happy cause the concept of tweetland itself!!!
now I got 35 followers and I'm proud of myself
caused here at my twitland .... I get to know many people that very friendly to talked with...especially bored!!
well hopefully before year end I can get at least 50
followers that active in twitting !!!!
to all my followers at tweetland thanks for following and keep in touch owaz peeps!!!
take care pees
love u guys so much

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