Saturday, October 23, 2010

wake me up when SEPTEMBER end

hi there!!!!
Am back here again
so sorry caused quite sometimes I didn't update my blog with my own stories
well September !!!
personally I love this month so much peeps!!
on the 16 September I was celebrated my bufday at ZOUK CLUB KL!!!
it's was pretty cool and so damn awesomeness moments
to remember
everything still mess in my mind
how bad I need to plan and ensure my bufday party goes smooth as I wanted!!!

when the time come...
supposed to be 15 pax was there but no offended peeps it's ok 10 pax came and chillaq and danced as well as had fun with me!!?? Thanks god I love that moments

it's a good sign for me even I'm expecting a few of my buddies will came but yeah again I'll
don't want to be selfish caused on that next following day ...,most of them worked been working

well past is past not need to recalled much just sweet
moments to be remembered MAC'!OUS 26TH REBIRTH!!
i really had a good time till i slept like baby at
home(placed ....rahsia)uolssss!!???
it's used to be my secret !!!

in this particular month my emotion quite not stable
I don't know why but personally maybe I thinks too much
on uncertain things that make me felt €£¥*%# or

truely am admit am quite sensitive person!!! this I
think everyone used to knows... that y I so easy felt touched with certain issues or??!!
omagadddd !!!
this is my biggest weakness and I'll try to improved on it's peeps ??!!
forgive and forget what was happenned is the best
Out of nowhere one more suck or incident always mess in
my head??!!
So sorry it's to confidential for me to share here but yeah if u want to guess what its ???!!
feel free peeps ??!! hehehe gelak jahat
am tired to thinks on this particular issued!!??
Katanya??!! Kata kau


at work placed Mbf cards Msia my working performance also just so and so...
I don't know errmm maybe I've been mix personal and office matter!!
not sure ape kemender dlm hotak aku
quite number of time i've been made stupid mistake !!
slowly ....I wake up and step up to enchance this

thanks god I had a very superb understanding section
head and supperior that always wake me up when am lost or not focus in work!!!!
actually am being paranoid but nobody can helped me
unless I step up with my own and help myself on this matters

NOW am better then yesterday caused I been motivated myself every single second!!

Jesus Christ !!!
it's was a nightmare for me when i
feel so bad about myself!!!

people always said love yourself first before u love others!!!JENG JENG!!!
that was true and now I'm back to normal and got through what so ever in life!!! working on it's!!!

I've been asking a few people what type of person am??!!!

most of them answer me... ur kind hearted person but in the same times my attitude make others annoying with me!!??
am admit on it's

I believe that was so true peeps caused most of the times I'll love to talked nonsense !!!
most of people said I'm arrogant and stubborn..
stubborn !!!
yes peeps that was me I don't know why sometimes but yeah depends on my mood caused if I thinks much am gonna fed up and feel sucks!!!

I believe that no matter how hard life it is.....
no turned back and keep walking till u reach ur destination
nite peeps!!!
8.15am peeps

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