Tuesday, August 31, 2010

true is hurt!!!!

chapter 5: sorry seem to be the hardest word

hi peep!!!! this couple few days I'll feel so miserable !!!! I hate this feeling and yeah how complicated it is life must go on as usuall!!!! sometimes I just wondering I'm just buying my time with ??!!! life teach me no hand pointing to others caused no used to blamed others if both or maybe you don't start first!!!! my head messing with benci tanda rindu and marah tanda sayang!!!! wow what a sweet phrase!!! I dedicated this phrase for someone that make me smiles before but now errmm I also no ideas actually what going on between us or maybe I'm just the one who's feel that way!!! I admit that I'm crazy missing u like hell and so sorry if I missed you without your permission!!! huhuhuhuhu so damn fairytale
!!!for you hope u happy owaz with your own life and I'll will go with my own stuff!!! tq very much caused giving me oppourtunity to know you personally!!! I know it's
was my mistake when I'll start missing ur sweet
smiles!!!! ok lah peep!! I thinks that all for today see you again!!!! Do take care!!! with love

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