Friday, November 5, 2010

need somebody to love

hiiiii peeps!!!!
almost 2 weeks I didn't drop by at my blog
suddenly am missing my blog so much
there is nothing special to share on just cerita bodo2 and syok diri stories

start with my daydreamer stories
this week I'll see a little improvement of me in a few aspect especially when somebody that u LOP say hi to you!!! hi jugak
Omagadddd!!! am actualy thinking betulker dia NIH or am
On mereng time on that time
almaklumlah am love to mengelamun

apapun that case I'll wanted to call it's LOVE INCIDENT make me smile till can't smile!!! camner
but when I go through dia punya fb now I get it's
tapi is ok for me menyintai tak semestinya memiliki uolss!!!
correct me if am wrong tapi no options peeps so I'll try my best to not react like errmm this is my end of mc world!!!! telan jer walu perit!!!! burpp

expert always mention don't ever waste ur time for those
not appreciate you at all!!! sigh
it's quite true peeps but aku sayang sama itewww???!!! how's !!!???

ok lah am think maybe iteww pun so happy and I'll got to pretend am happy too caused I'll don't want mereka
knows what mess in my head!!!
life must go on as usuall

errmm I'll go to grow up and tak mau lah jadi perosak
kebahagian dia yg just started!!!

for u am admit that am miss u like crazy but yeah maybe were suit as kawan?!! ayat pasrah uolss tetiba
semoga bahagia and apy with ur love yer

got to move peeps!!!
pray all the best things happen to me

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