Friday, August 20, 2010

world behind the wall

21 august 2010 (Saturday)
hi peep!!!!
actually I'm a bit excited nak tulis at my personal blog!!!
the purposed I want to had a blog caused I love to write and become a free journalist that maybe can share my knowledge, info and skills ...
just for your info peep !!! actually when I was studying I just thinking to be a somebody that related to entertainment business!!!! that y maybe u guys don't know I love to attend realities tv audition !!! as a started I would like to said yesshhh I'm officially become a blogger which is my ideology more to mainstream and optimist about life , career and whatever issues that mess in my head on that particular time!!!goosshhh I'm forget to introduce myself!!! my name is mac or Kevin!!!! hopefully I can get more and more buddies and friends here!!! I'm still new here and feel free to guide me if I'm wrong peep!!! to all blogers out there I would like to say hi peep and nice to meet u!!! cheers

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