Saturday, August 21, 2010

deep in my heart!!!

22 august 2010 Sunday

chapter 1: life- u make me sick
I'm feel a bit far from someone that I thinks inspired me a lot in life!!! well life totally can't predictable and too complicated !!! but thanks god I'm still here and standing to findout what actually I'm looking at you currently !!! sometimes I just wondering that I'm wasting my time by giving hope to somebody that I'm also a bit confused what and why I'm giving you what I had but u just threat make me more or less like a stone!!!! no worries peep!!!! maybe all these while I'm being blind caused no reason but I got to wake up from this particular dreams and situation!!!! sometimes I'm laughing and smiling at myself why I'm being like this!!!! somebody told me that I'm being crazy and too obssed (correct my spelling if I'm wrong) yeshhh that I can't denied but as a human I'll try my beshh to improve and work on my weekness !!!! for someone that I don't know either u exist in real life or not hope you happy with your life and no worries about me I'm know how to take care of myself!!!! do take care peep!!!