Sunday, August 29, 2010

counting my rebirth!!!!

Chapter 4: never look back

Hi peep!!! so sorry caused quite sometimes i didn't update my blog caused I'm been busy messing with my own stuff!!!! i love month of September caused its will my birthday on the middle of the month is my birthday peep!!!
last year i bout sun glass for my birthday and this year i bought black shoes for my birthday!!!! its was awesome peep caused I've been work for its since last few months...
Well this coming birthday i plan somethings different for myself and hopefully everything will go smooth peep!!! I'm ready to all out for this and yeah I'm work in on the budget that i had so maybe not all my buddies or friends can come !!! ill try my level best to satisfied others and myself but i can due to the borders !!!! occay peep got to go and love u guys!!!! mmuuaahhhh

mista cindarella purchased new shoes!!!!

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