Sunday, August 22, 2010

breaking:I'm ready to be 26 !!!!

chapter 2: aged just number peep

peep!!!! I'm actually being so damn and superbly excited to organized a small gathering for me to celebrate my new number in life this coming Sept!!!
I know maybe people out there might be thinks it's was ridiculous or nonsense but yeah this is how I'm reward myself caused I do love myself very much peep!!! If everything go smooth there will be a night to remember on 15&16 Sept 2010 peep!!!! Gosshhhh hopefully all my V VIP's willing to spend ur evaluable time with me!!!
occay forget about that gathering caused I'm looking forward the beshhh outfit to wear of during my gathering!!!! I want outfit that simple,smart,cool and awesome with a bit bling2 or hip hop caused I do love hip hop rules peep!!! will see what I get for myself!!! to all my buddies out there feel free to come and spent ur valuable time with me during that particular day!!!! just for those who received the invitations caused mac'!ous work on the budget !!!!can't wait to see all of u on that days!!!! Cheers

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