Sunday, November 7, 2010

lonely no more

heyyyyyaaaaa peeps
am back agains to my blogland
I just wanted to wrote what am done today
so sorry maybe my stories quite boring but
it's occay for me as long as am apy with my own blogland

I just came back from gym and work on my chest!!!
as a result am proud with myself even some people out there owaz said am just playing fools at gym!!! errmm maybe am overlooked to be serious hehehe
I take as a challenge for me to shows the results but am admit I'll came to fitness for fun and excercise
tak mau stress occay

personally everybody got there own way how to work on there's dreams so same with me
tapi thanks very much for those which is concern yer
to my gym buddies tak sangka Ada jugak yg memerhati what
am doin!!! hahahahha

k lah peeps actually I just wanted to work on my stamina caused I love to singing
saber normally my shows are when am refresh myself

sometimes when my buddy trying workout on chest bicep or tricep ( ejaan ni tak pasti uolss feel free gelak klu

currently I got a few buddies that willing to workout
with me yg owaz ting tong!!! gelak jer kojer when workout

Kena paksa baru nak buat if not ngelat jer hehehe
Occay lah buddies after this am promise to focus and serious when workout!!! bleh caya ker ni

got to go peeps
later I'll update again my blog ya
take care and tq very strong for reading and view my blog

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