Thursday, November 11, 2010


am back to update from my blog
just wanted to story morry what actually happen this week
it's just a common stories

I'll really don't believe this
guess what!!!
my fb update was appear at one of local magazine
URTV uolsss!!!
it's was for an evening with my dolls
FASHA SANDHA during last raya
maybe others will said am so GG!!!
GG?? aper itew gler glamer uolss
hahahaha I still can believe start from KOSMO,HARIAN METRO,BERITA HARIAN,URTV!!!
am still keep the articles as memories uolss

this week I spent most of my time at gym after working hours
well I don't care if there still a few or any people
said I love to lepak rather then workout!!!
it's was so true
well tq for concern peeps caused I just workout on my abilities only but promise will push myself later occay
sambil gelak jahat

after a few months am quite satisfied with my gym
results Ada lah shape ckit uolss!!!
but am adore my buddies shape!!!!
that was pretty cool and so awesome uolss
sambil berangan errmmm when larr I'll get that shape
yang penting I do believe if u wanted to be like people
who you adore u will try ur level best to get it's !!!
muda mudahan aku berfikiran begitu!!!
5 mac!!!

at work place everybody waiting to appraised !!!
I don't want to expect more caused this year am
my mc byk lateness pun bleh tahan work performance just biasa2
maybe I wanted to transper dept but which dept ek!!

after quite sometimes I didn't workout with iteww org suddenly terworkout am feel nervous !!!
yolah saper lah daku klu nak compare dgn iteww??!!
errmm tq for ur time and really appreciate it's
hopefully next time we can workout again

ok peeps go to go
will update new stories soon
love uolss very strong

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