Saturday, November 13, 2010


am back to my blogland
miss my blog so much!!!!
my best buddies that owaz be my ears when I do wanted to zip my mouth!!!

am just came back from movie outing with my buddies and as usual am very apy and enjoy the movie!!! so awesome
roughly it's very interesting movie to watch and I love
the element of this movie!!!
the ideas is simple how to solve problem that was made by others and as usual the risk is reputation cost and braveness caused it's involved people life occay!!!
suddenly am hanyut with the plot occay!!
full of suspense element especially how to handle stress when we being push by others parties such as our own boss, medias and critical problem solving!!!
just imagine when people around us was very arrogant and wanted to show the stupid brilliant ideas and as a
people which is working with these kind of people like this we need to be confident energetic and watever
actions u thinks must got solid and brilliant reason why and how or let's say or maybe best on your experience or human teories and assumption !!!
wowwww tetiba jadi cam pengkritik lak!!!
well FYI am love to do case studies when college time
that y am quite outspoken to show or comeout with my ideas!!!!
my ideas maybe simple but I owaz challenge myself how to elaborate thus ideas became interesting !!!!
that y I love mass comm studies!!!

this a bit of my BOBO stories!!!
just based on my assumption and very true feeling
I don't mind if this not true or maybe am too obssess with you!!!

jangan isau still in control caused life teach me
BERPIJAK PADA BUMI NYATA EVEN aku nihh AT FAIRYTALE LAND!!! owaz mengelamun all the time

I know that u still need me caused u show it's occay
but no worries am occay now caused am not into
desperado to chased u like before!!!!
for me ur happiness is my happiness too!!! high 5
just wanted u to know am owaz free if u wanted maybe accompany or ears occay!!!! tetiba mengofferkan diri
am learn a lot from my past forget and forgive caused no points for me to avoid from this such stupid feeling caused am pretty sure that between us is no issues I guess!!! yang lepas just let's it's gone with time and days

past is past and just wanted u to know u still my
personal inspiration beb and really adore u so much!!!
nak tau saper kah!!!!
lantasku pendam
biarlah rahsia uolsss
hhahaha so perasan RESIDENT RETIS KAN!!

k lah got to go ya
will catch up guys with new update later occay

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