Tuesday, November 16, 2010

riding solo

hi peeps!!!! how's uolsss
arrghhh am quite not sure why am a bit moody today
no ideas errmmm maybe am too tired and not enough sleep I guess!!! I hate this kind of mood caused gonna spoiled my day ahead !!!! suh suh go away from me

errmm I got no ideas what to wrote here occay but suddenly I'll feel so lonely and yeah my blog is owaz be my best buddy when am wanted a good company!!!
tq my blog love u super strong hehehe

my mind wanted to kopi2 but I don't know who's available since tomorrow was eid Mubarak celebration !!!!
everybody bz uolss masak rendang curry and yg sodap2 for 2row!!!! abih la makin jadi model slim werl lah aku uolss
peeps!!! happy eid mubarak yep!!!!
have fun and ave a blass eid Mubarak uolsss

December coming very2 soon and alamak uolss
Xmas coming very2 soon and here and there's shopping
mall are busyING decorate their mall with the best xmas theme for beautiful festive seasons of the year!!!
just wondering of snow Santa and Xmas gift

Suddenly am thinking of must do a Xmas dinner and really
no ideas where to organise it's!!!! poning den
So stress caused budget are too limited!!! camner tuhh
in my mind I wish to organise at place that very cool and full of Xmas decoration!!! Berape lak ungkosnya such as Tony romas
errmmm no stress occay that one must be expensive occay

ermm hopefully there's are miracle for me!
hahaha !!! will see where it's will be
just wait and will update very2 soon

am got to go
see you guys later

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