Friday, November 12, 2010

where's is the LOP

hi semua!!! how's everyone out there's
miss me??!!! anyone
tonite am so boring and my mind like usual keep thinking of sumone for no reason

Actually it's quite bobo(boring&bosan) talked about this particular issued caused owaz am the victim which is missing someone badly !!!! tau sanang
But org itu i got no ideas and sometimes I do asked
myself pena tak dia thinks about me tak mau lama in a second??!! ade ker
the answer is when in difficulties jer

these few day am no ideas why am owaz think about itew
am sick of this feeling lah peeps!!! katanya sigh
tapi tulah just now itew olang update dia punya status is not feeling well katanya!!! but nak jer comment take meds and get enough rest!!! Tetiba concern lebey lak
I send my words via wind and skies!!
oh memang gilazzzssshh am now!!
ok next story

today for the first time in my life am visited tv3 to get my tix for SHOUT AWARD 2010!!!
wahhhh!!!! the moments I'll enter the entrance I'll feel nervous caused this is the place that I've been dream to work at??!!! but when tet tet tet

all the way go to the 8tv reception , I saw a noticed
that was an news readers audition for tomorrow !!!
am excited to join its but am feel not ready yet
well I do believe am multi talented hehehehe just because it's not the right time kod!!!
Tul tak itew olang!!!

this coming 20th I'll attend SHOUT AWARD 2010 and just get the tix just now!!!
damn am excited am nervous peeps!!!
first time in my life am watching msia event award live caused normally am follow the awards events via tv at
it's gonna awesome and full of memories I guess!!!

zzZzz!!!! am to sleepy peeps
got to go!!! Itew olang miss u and get well soon yah

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